• Input traditional food and cocktail recipes, including cost per ingredient
  • Utilize the multiplier for changes to the number of servings
  • Update recipes in a single location and distribute to every location with a single mouse click
  • Create ‘recipes’ for station set up which are equipment lists plus any food items e.g. carving, fruit and cheese, and the like


  • Select up-to-the-minute recipes, including station set up instructions, for auto-booklet creation — including a table of contents
  • Booklets can be created with or without pictures, with or without sub-recipes
  • Download to your computer or print and take to off-premise site for easy distribution


  • Create specialty cocktails, with step-by-step instructions, for custom events
  • Provide access by servers to become familiar with selected recipes and/or custom dishes
  • Standardize service techniques by wait staff using FrontSUMMIT® online courses and/or FDRP certification to validate skills

FDRP is thrilled to introduce this new, captivating and time-saving software. We offer the right high-quality solution to assist you in managing your catering events. And we back up our products with our outstanding customer service.

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The Federation is an invaluable resource for food service professionals.

-- Davis
Former General Manager, Red Fish Grill & Storyville District New Orleans, Louisiana

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