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Workload automation touches every aspect of the business. It is made up of all scheduled and ad hoc processes that support critical business functions. Unfortunately, most foodservice managers must use manual methods to find a replacement for a person who has called in sick or take hours out of their day to consolidate all the training reports for an employee.

With StaffNETTM, however, you have optimum control over your workload with these centralized tools that simplify and reduce the amount of time required to do processes such as:

  • Immediate employee schedule notifications;
  • Email and text messaging to your staff or customers;
  • Track and report on training by user, region or outlet;
  • Post in-house documents to internal and external users or groups;
  • Promote and demote users, plus all the other functions that are management related inside FrontSUMMIT®.

The PowerRecordsTM module even makes it possible for you to import in-house training results so that so you can create staff performance reviews from a single source! These easy-to-navigate, anywhere, anytime tools boost your efficiency and thereby give you back time!