Give or get these indispensable resources, which will become true assets to you, your co-workers, family and friends.

The Professional Service Guide
The Guide is the only true Front-of-the-House cookbook. But more than simply containing service staff culinary and technical knowledge, this suite of volumes provides knowledge on restaurant management functions, details on dining room equipment, occupations and layout with coverage on virtually every aspect of dining hospitality. The Guide is to the dining room what The Guide Culinaire (by Escoffier) is to the kitchen.
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Front and Center e-News
Keep up with the latest thoughts on dining room topics with this no-cost newsletter. This bi-monthly resource of e-news covers viewpoints on industry trends and dining room success stories, and is your source of timely discussions on matters connected to hospitality occupations.

Associate Instructor ToolkitTM
Easily integrated into either an academic institute or corporate structure, this turn-key program was developed to free the trainer/educator from tedious class research and documentation of service standards. The program includes an Instructor’s Guide, a Student Handbook and visual aid presentation CD. The program enables you to quickly provide individuals the information with which they can earn the designation of Certified Dining Room Associate (DRA)TM and/or Certified Associate Wine Steward (WSA)TM
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SauceTreeTM Poster
This 18″x23″ poster is a unique learning aid or reference guide. Using a tree to represent the way Mother Sauces and the Principles of Preparations branch into different versions of use, or possible principles of use, the lower tree branches present the classic preparations/principles while the upper branches present contemporary sauces.
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