My Favorite Kitchen Tool

At home, where I cook, I have a drawer full of all of my go-to ‘favorite things.’ Whether you’re an at-home baker extraordinaire, or a chef leading his own 5-star restaurant kitchen, these time-saving, basic, and game-changing gadgets are highly recommended for anyone behind the counter.

Back to Basics

Let’s keep it simple. A medium-sized cookie scoop is one of the most-utilized pieces of equipment in my kitchen when it comes to baking. Outside the obvious of cookie-scooping, proportioning cake batter with this tool is imperative. One of the most common mistakes of the novice baker, especially in cupcakes, is distributing the batter unevenly. The cookie scoop fits a perfectly sized “three quarters-full” cake liner. Outside of baking, it is also very functional for making individual proportions neat and appealing.


The de Buyer Kobra Adjustable Slicer will change the way you approach the monotonous task of cutting vegetables. Made with stainless steel, v-shaped micro-serrated blades, this gadget cuts fruits and vegetables evenly and precisely.  When making everything from salads, to casseroles, to garnishes, it really is a no-brainer in making the perfect cut.


This may sound like a no-brainer, but a good pair of kitchen sears is an absolute essential for your ‘utensil drawer.’ Saving time and cutting corners in the kitchen is useful when multi-tasking and feeding a large crowd. Kitchen sears can be used for more than herbs and meat, finding to be much more efficient than your best pair of knives. Snip slices of bacon for your salad garnish; shred a roast for sandwiches; cut twine and butcher a chicken before preparing it.

It’s the little things that matter most. So, what’s in your drawer?