Micro-brewing: Add Craft Beer to Your Menu

Microbreweries, defined as regional breweries and brew pubs, were once sinuous with certain regions of the country, but are now appearing nationwide. Smaller brew batches and greater experimentation yield unique results that just are not possible for large commercial breweries. Microbrews, also known as craft beer,  tend to have a crisp taste and higher alcohol content obtained with a longer and more complex distilling process. The smaller scale of production allows for more quality control and opportunity for innovation.

Flavor profiles are no longer in exclusion to wine. Craft beers usually vary in aroma and flavor from commercially brewed beer, and can be flavored in celebration of a season or a certain regional ingredient. Brew masters are even including grapes, caramel and countless other ingredients within their craft beers. The signature combination offers a one of a kind experience while contributing to the local economy. Some breweries bottle and distribute their beer only in specific regions, and there are even some restaurants that have their own casks on site–allowing them to brew beer in their establishment exclusively for their establishment.

Restaurants can differentiate themselves from their competitors, based on the beer they brew or the craft beers they serve. Limitless flavors options keep microbreweries brewing and patrons tasting. So next time you are looking to add something new to your drink menu, think about adding or creating a specialty beer and allow your customers to experiment something unique while supporting your economy!