I Can’t Come To Work Today

The six words no manager wants to hear.

I have been in this business for 33 years, and as much as many things evolved one thing that hasn’t is the message left on your voicemail in the middle of the night so you don’t get it until the workday is upon you.  Okay . . . now what is your process?

  • Do you, yourself, look at the schedule; get the staff’s list of phone numbers and start leaving messages to everyone who is off . . . hoping that someone will come in?
  • Do you get your host/hostess to spend half an hour calling people and then dealing with call backs?
  • Do you settle with sending an e-mail to those who have e-mail . . . knowing it won’t likely be read on time?
  • Do you look at your reservation list and see if you can manage short-staffed?
  • Or . . . do you have an automated communication system that, with one click, sends emails AND text messages to your entire staff asking who wants to work and then directs responses to your email?

Obviously, the easiest and least time-consuming option is the last one. If you’re lucky enough to work in a company/establishment that has such a system, you can simply stop reading now. But for most of us, there is not enough in the budget for such an automated communication system. And as we all know, the dreaded voicemail will take time and, therefore, money away from your business.

Now the good news. FDRP gives, yes for free, these features to you!  While this might sound a bit self-serving, we have found that there is so much pain with this one scenario alone that we felt compelled to tell you about StaffNET™.

Not only is StaffNET™ a communication module, but it also allows you to load schedules, BEO, menus, new employee policies or other documents directly onto your staff/students self-created FrontSUMMIT® accounts.  And of course with another click of the mouse you can notify them that their online courses are available for them to review.

It’s true . . . not everyone has email . . . BUT everyone has a cell phone, and thus–everyone is in the palm of your hand!