Grand Achievement

Increased competitiveness within a market generally intensifies the disparity between its high, medium and low performers—whether be individuals, departments, properties or even competing concepts.  The type of actions individuals and operators take in tough times generally reflects who they already are not what they would like to become.

There are exceptions. Within the last quarter, FDRP has sent out 15 Certified Hospitality Grand Master (HGM)™ certification kits — most of them to a single, large corporation who adopted the program for their elite managers.  Not only that, FDRP confirmed two more HGM™ individuals within a single institution: the Charlotte campus of Johnson & Wales University.

Congratulations go out to Marcella Giannasio, now a HGM, FMP, CHE, MSMGT, WSET, who became the first woman to attain FDRP’s highest level of certification.  Following her within a matter of days, Deet Gilbert was also awarded her HGM, adding to her CHE and FMP credentials. It should be noted that a third faculty member, Kimberly Christensen, is just one step away from also joining their elite ranking.

These individuals know that certification of a career reflects not only who they are, but also where they are going.