FDRP is the leading provider of F&B solutions through educational programs, certifications and software tools to enhance both personal and an establishment's growth for today's and all future educators, restaurateurs and caterers.


Founded in 1998, FDRP is a worldwide organization and the preeminent provider of Food and Beverage tools provider. FDRP offers training materials and self-study programs, staff reporting and communication modules, document upload and distribution capabilities, customer text messaging options, and a recipe and inventory management system.


By managing the first Service Certification Program consisting of multiple and progressive levels including "Certified Dining Room Associate and Certified Associate Wine Steward," to "Certified Dining Room Professional," "Certified Dining Room Master" and "Certified Hospitality Grand Master", FDRP provides individuals a way to distinguish themselves and their careers.


All FDRP training/teaching materials are endorsed by the International Sommelier Guild (ISG) and by the American Culinary Federation (ACF), which awarded the FDRP programs with the distinguishing honor: Educational Assurance Award.


As a member of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) Advantage Program, the Federation not only provides ACF members discounts on FDRP programs and products, but also contributes to the support of the ACF mission.


FDRP and the CTHRC recognize each other's professional certification programs that will allow individuals certified with FDRP to receive full certification with emerit and individuals certified through emerit to receive full certification with FDRP. Those individuals recognized by each organization may reduce the paperwork necessary to immigrate to the country.



If you were looking for the 'authority on service in America'... look no further because the Federation of Dining Room Professionals has arrived.

-- Tom Peer
CMC Executive Director of Food and Beverage Operations The Culinary Institute of America


FDRP is setting worldwide standards and its certification program has enabled servers like ours to raise the bar of service to our customers.

-- Maguy Lecoze
Owner of Le Bernardin New York City

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