Cupcakes: The Star of the Party!

Once a novelty dessert, the cupcake is now a necessity to any bakery or home kitchen. Over the past five years, cupcakes have become the norm and navigated their way into mainstream desserts.

Trends of these petite packages of sugary perfection started booming with the opening of boutique bakeries such as Sprinkles, Magnolia Bakery and Crumbs. Shortly following, the Food Network show, Cupcake Wars, made its debut in 2008. The hit show continues to air weekly, showcasing four of the country’s top cupcake bakers who battle in three elimination rounds, crowning one winner at the end of the competition. Viewers are enticed to take out their dusty KitchenAid mixer and give it a whirl with their favorite ingredients stocked in their own pantry shelves. Bakeries across the country continue to put their creative hats on in the kitchen, baking up cupcakes with every ingredient but the kitchen sink.

What’s all the rage with cupcakes, anyway, besides the fact that they’re adorable and wonderful little packages of pure bliss?

  • They’re less expensive. Boutique bakeries reaped the benefits during the recession, as buying one cupcake continues to be far less expensive for struggling consumers in comparison to buying an entire 3-tiered cake. When purchasing bulk, choosing the exact amount of cupcakes needed eliminates overspending and waste.
  • Cupcakes are more convenient. For dessert-lovers, along with the tightened budget comes the consciousness of a tightened waistline. One tiny cupcake won’t do any damage, right?
  • They’re trendy. Cupcakes continue to be all the rage in boutique bakeries, novice bakers’ kitchens, and even corporate grocery stores. They’ve given consumers another creative outlet to explore, and have invited novice bakers to join in the kitchen. Cupcake flavors range anywhere from carrot cake to your favorite candy bar-theme to chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed cake. The opportunities are endless, and creativity thrives in these tasty little cakes.


Cupcakes have given baking a creative edge, but is the trend fading? Other sweet treats like Cake Pops prove to be even more convenient and less caloric intake. Will Cake Pops take the cake, or will cupcakes continue to be the star of the party?