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Professional Program

Designed as a means to build a stronger clientele base by securing and developing an excellent staff and managers, this unique program provides for career growth even within an existing job position.

With its ability to translate professionals’ training and experience into credits toward certification, the Professional Program helps you attract the best individuals and keep the excellent people you have now by recognizing and rewarding them.

What’s more, restaurateurs can smooth employee transition across unit concepts by providing a uniform way to test for an understanding of the essential standards of dining room hospitality. Additionally, a customized course can be created for just your organization that can teach and test on unit-specific differences or other training needs.

This core level is endorsed by the American Culinary Federation (ACF) as well as the International Sommelier Guild (ISG), and is founded on the International Business & Gourmet Standards (IBGS) of Hospitality.

The Professional Program is intended to facilitate the growth of dedicated service professionals who possess a strong knowledge base applicable to any style of restaurant, regardless of its cuisine or complexity of service.

Secure your place among top front-of-the-house leaders with professional certification