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Master Program

To earn the highest levels of recognition and respect, your path leads to a Master Certification. Two Master levels were established to recognize and honor your experience with a distinction of valor.

Certified Dining Room Master (DRM)TM

This distinctive credential is awarded to those who have acquired the expertise to successfully navigate the many complex issues surrounding dining room hospitality.

Certified Hospitality Grand Master (HGM)TM

Expanding on the knowledge gleaned from each program achievement, these Masters of Masters are elevated by their extensive experience and accomplishments. Acknowledging the valuable hospitality performances of hotel and restaurant management professionals, the Certified Hospitality Grand Master is the ultimate career goal.

As with all professional credentials, the Certified Master programs are considered progressive certifications and are endorsed by the American Culinary Federation (ACF) as well as the International Sommelier Guild (ISG). Each achieved step awards the candidate with prior certification recognition as the requirements for that level are attained. Therefore a candidate who purchases a Certified Hospitality Grand Master (HGM)TM will be awarded all previous credentials at the completion of each level’s requisites.

Command your place among top industry leaders with a Master Certification.