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Associate Program

Addressing the curriculum needs of restaurateurs and higher education programs, the Associate Program’s standards review primary hospitality techniques plus the essentials of wine, beer and cocktails.

Whether you are designing a new curriculum or revitalizing existing training, this structured, yet flexible, program provides long-term benefits for minimal cost:

  • Reduce turnover rates by rewarding individuals, who will feel appreciated
  • Build communication bridge between the kitchen and dining room staff
  • Reduce time required by chefs to educate servers on culinary arts
  • Enhance guest experience with servers who can act and speak as culinarians
  • Set apart your school’s curriculum with FDRP’s dual wine and service certifications
  • Use StaffNETTM to communicate with students/staff with a single mouse click

Created to reward individuals who successfully complete the certification examination with meaningful credentials, the Associate Program is endorsed by both the International Sommelier Guild (ISG) and the American Culinary Federation (ACF), which recognized this program with the Education Assurance Award.