Canada Certification Reciprocity

Have you ever felt like “Man, if I knew then what I know now!” You know what?  Most of the time what holds us back is not time, it is the opportunity to start fresh!  Would you like that chance?  No, really, I mean it!

There are few things in life more exciting than landing in a new country and starting your life from scratch.  It can be like a cleansing!  Depending on your character it can be a bit scary, but it sure is exciting adventure.  True adventure!  Not like a weekend doing something you never did, but taking the jump that generations of discoverers and settlers have done before us—moving forward elsewhere!

As someone who started his life from scratch four times—and has spent 32 years in the hospitality industry—I am in a special position to tell you about the feeling of starting a new life without having won the lottery (although that would have been nice).

Imagine that!  Getting into a new country where nobody knows you, looking for a place to stay but already having the security of a job—I didn’t have that but made due—meeting new people, eager to hear who you are and what you are bringing in with you.

Starting fresh, starting fun, ready to learn a new culture, its traits, sports, funs and all the best of its living.  While all at the same time benefiting from the experience you have acquired and the credential you earned—not net loss!

You can now do that!  If you have a Professional or Master certification from FDRP.

We are pleased to announce that after four years of process the FDRP has a reciprocity agreement with the Canadian government via the CTHRC (Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council) that allows you to translate your FDRP certification into Canadian Government credentials that will substantially ease your immigration process.


If you need a new life—it’s right there!  FDRP has laid the path for you.