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Win-Win with Customer Celebrations

As the holidays approach, our guests will be in a more festive mood. They smile wider, laugh louder and spend bigger. Take advantage of this “goodwill towards men” by offering more selections from the bar. Unfortunately, due to a variety … Continue reading

Thinking Outside of the Bird: Turkey Buffet Alternative...

Turkey—a staple on Thanksgiving tables since… well… the beginning.  But what’s the main course for vegetarians on Thanksgiving? Or, for those folks who simply dislike turkey?  Fear not—boundless turkey-free options exist for inclusion on the Thanksgiving buffet. The Meat-eater’s Alternatives … Continue reading

The Most Valuable,Timesaving Utensil Might Not Be in th...

You’re searching frantically through the restaurant tools and utensils you have at your disposal. The dining room is packed and the kitchen is slammed, and you’re looking for that one item that will ensure you’re able to manage tonight’s rush … Continue reading

Wine Training: ‘Boot Camp’ or ‘Stairway’ Approa...

Depending on the type of establishment you operate, a restaurant’s wine list can range from encyclopedic to rudimentary, but it is an effective tool for the generation of high margin revenue.   Getting your staff to utilize it effectively to drive … Continue reading

Successful Wedding: Start to Finish

The key to a successful wedding is communication, communication coupled with a detailed schedule. Trust me, communication deserves to be addressed twice and has two distinct parts. The first is clear communication from the couple to the planner. What is … Continue reading

Evading Event Mishaps: Three Quick Tips

Events can be tricky. Executing a successful event depends on many variables, but whether you’re the host or participating as a vendor, you can employ a few “tricks” of your own to keep things running smoothly. Check it off your … Continue reading