…And Wishes for a Prosperous New Year

As we sit back and kick our feet up after the overindulging and excitement of the holidays, we take time to reflect on our goals for the coming year. Many of us make lists of resolutions we’d like to achieve, drawing a blank slate to start over in the coming year. We take a moment to look at our lives and view it in a critical way, making changes and adaptations to a healthier, more positive and prosperous life in the new year.

This can, and should, be done when looking at what you can do to make your restaurant more desirable and prosperous not only in this year, but also in years to come. We all can attest that ‘judging a book by its cover’ is a natural tendency that we practice even unwillingly. The image of your restaurant and first impressions are key to inviting diners in the door, keeping them there, and inviting them back without an invitation.

Checklist to a successful new year:

  1. How is your management reflected to incoming diners? Your first indicator of a well-managed restaurant is the first face a diner is greeted by after entering the door: a cheerful hostess who’s ready to greet diners and work to have them seated as soon as possible. A simple smile and recognition goes a long way.
  2. Staff members who show professionalism, along with a positive attitude, shows a diner that it is a well-managed establishment. And, that they really like where they work!
  3. Start with making short-term goals, and then make a plan to conquer your long-term goals in the coming years.
  4. Include staff members in communicating what your restaurant environment should embody.
  5. Ensure a streamlined, clean and inviting atmosphere where diners can feel comfortable coming and enjoying a night out of the kitchen.

The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to put in effect new ideas, re-establish policies, and button-up your restaurant image from the inside out. I wish a hopeful and prosperous new year to you all!