Time-pressed chefs, FOH managers and event planners are ecstatic with this recipe and equipment inventory solution that paves the way to engineer and manage all types of recipes – spanning from the traditional (food and beverage) but also including a station’s equipment checklist (side stand items) and a caterer’s BEO.

By enabling the user to assign a cost per ‘ingredient’ and quickly modify the number of servings per ‘recipe’, this software empowers you to quickly calculate the recipe cost for the dish or station. Plus, AccuSERVETM enables you to publically share recipes or keep them private!

When you are ready to publish your recipe, the system allows you to notify staff that a recipe is ready for use or simply updated. You can substitute ingredients, adjust data or make any change to an inventory or food preparation and have it instantly updated in all your chefs, waiters, and managers’ accounts worldwide.

As an added bonus, select and group recipes for download or print to provide to wait staff at shift turnover, or take to an event to ensure each station is properly set up! With AccuSERVETM you now can automate the creation of custom recipe books, with or without pictures, without or without sub-recipes, all in an instant manual including a table of contents and all the components you selected.

AccuSERVETM is a strong training tool for wait staff, too, single-sourcing where they can learn the menu and get up-to-the-minute changes to the ‘specials of the day’. AccuSERVETM is like a virtual kitchen/lab that brings everyone together–FOH and BOH.