Accreditation Announcement

FDRP has launched a Train-the-Trainer program just for you! We are pleased to announce the FDRP Accredited Hospitality Educator or Accredited Hospitality Coach credential and associated workshop.

The goal of this program is to develop FDRP Accredited Hospitality Educators to teach FDRP Apprentice and Associate Certification Courses according to the lesson plans and training standards of the Federation of Dining Room Professionals.

As an FDRP Accredited Hospitality Educator you can highlight your Educator Accreditation and the trust extended to you from the FDRP by providing personalized certificates.  With a small, minimum order of 100 manuals, FDRP can produce student manuals that bear your organization’s logo on the cover and include your own foreword page so you can look your best!

The FDRP Accredited Hospitality Educator Workshop is designed to teach you how to teach others to meet FDRP hospitality standards, and empower you to certify them using FDRP lesson plans and training methods. More than that, employing an Accredited Hospitality Educator (AHE) not only sets your organization apart, it puts it head and shoulders above them.

AHE-AHC Workshop